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Would You Like A Fast House Sale For Cash?

Trust Quick Sales buys property in anywhere in the UK in any condition and we will buy it quick! We know that your stressed about selling your property so we have a range of solutions available to help with any property problem. More than often we are the only company that can help you. Our process is simple, quick and stress free.

The benefits of selling your property with Trust Quick Sales are:

  • Exchange of contracts within days
  • Cash in the bank within days
  • £0 HIP's fee
  • £0 Valuation fees
  • £0 Estate agent fees
  • £0 Solicitor fees (subject to using our solicitors)
  • No gazumping
  • No more mortgage repayments
  • Flexible terms to suit your requirements
  • Fast decisions
  • Professional, friendly service

Welcome to your resource where we answer questions such as how to sell my house quickly and sell your house fast for cash. In addition, we can provide a fast house sale nationally and also offer a fast house sale London service which helps if you are asking how to sell my house fast in London. We help stop repossession and prevent repossessed homes; also providing information on financial difficulties, debt recovery and debt advice.
If you are looking to establish who will buy my house then you have found the quick sales estate agents that offer cash for homes. There is also plenty of information on rent back schemes, sale and rent back processes and how to sell and rent back your house. In addition we offer information on divorce, how to divorce and divorcing and the process. And for those of you lucky to be moving abroad we have plenty of information on everything you should consider, from tax and pensions, to international removal companies.
So, you are in right place to sell your house quickly in the UK. We understand that your main asset is your home, and this asset plays a key part in many of the main decisions in our lives such as moving abroad. It can be used to free you from financial worry through rent back schemes, or send you to your dream home abroad. Unfortunately, it also can take the longest to sell and sometimes you just need a quick house sale in the UK, for example, in the instance of divorce. We can help you sell your home for cash.


We help stop repossession, don’t be repossessed.
More and more people are being repossessed in what has been a difficult climate. We can help stop repossession now. Everyday we help to put people on the road to financial recovery by helping to stop repossessions.
Repossessed Homes and Sell house quick

Our friendly team understand how traumatic repossession can be and they are available to help work with you every step of the way to financial recovery. The main concern of anyone who is having their home repossessed is that they are losing their only real asset.

The great news is that we can help you by stopping repossession and can even sell property fast in the UK. The process is simple and once we stop repossession, we pay your mortgage so you can get on with your life. Once the debt is stabilised with the bank, we will then pay you the remainder of the agreed sale price.


How to divorce and Sell House Fast in London and Nationally

Getting a divorce can be a simple process if you follow our guide on how to get a divorce, in a few simple steps you can be positioned for a bright new future. If you would like the divorce to be simpler and faster then it is important to ensure your husband or wife agrees with it. In addition, a company where houses are bought for cash can help if you are wondering how to sell my house quick. Further, it is also advisable to engage a family lawyer who can help a smooth process. You can establish how the divorce process works, what you will need and how long it can take through good divorce advice.

Financial Difficulties, Sell my house for Cash and Sell My House Quickly

Sometimes there may seam no way out of your financial turmoil, but a houses bought for cash service could help. We believe there are solutions to everything, and we can help you with a debt recovery plan, particularly if you keep wishing “someone buy my house.” After considering your current income, it is possible to obtain financial advice to develop a financial plan for the future, which will be your roadmap to financial freedom. Once you have had debt advice, there will usually be a step of debt consolidation, this will signal the beginning of your financial recovery.

Moving Abroad and Sell House Quick

How to move abroad and Sell my house fast

Whenever you take a major step in your life it is important to consider many things, and the same rule applies when Moving abroad. Some of the many things to consider when moving overseas include how to sell a house quick, tax, pensions, healthcare of the country you are moving to as well as considering your friends and family. Overseas removal companies are a big cost, and the cheapest is not always the best if you want your items to arrive in one piece.

Sell and Rent Back my House

In the UK there are many difference types of sell and rent back housing companies that can offer creative solutions to sell your home fast. In order to ensure minimum disruption to your family life, you may wish to sell your property and then rent it back.

The safest route to the fair sale and rent back of your home or property is to ensure that you select a quick house sale uk company that provides knowledgeable, safe and fair advice. The best way to guarantee this is to ensure that the sell and rent back company has full authorisation from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is well established.

Sell house fast London and Sell house fast nationally

Sell house fast London is a special service we offer specifically for the London area. In addition, our sell house fast national service is available for all other areas throughout the UK.

How we compare to a traditional estate agent

  Traditional Estate Agent Trust Quick Sales
Fast estate agents are bad Takes 7 months on average Trust Quick Sales Review As little as 7 days
No gazumping estate agents are bad Gazumping is always plausible Trust Quick Sales Review We never gazump!
No agency fees estate agents are bad 1-3% Trust Quick Sales Review 0%
No solicitor fees estate agents are bad £500 - £2000 Trust Quick Sales Review £0 (If you use our solicitors)
No chain estate agents are bad Up to 10 houses in a chain Trust Quick Sales Review 0 houses in the chain
Sell & rent back estate agents are bad Property must be empty on sale Trust Quick Sales Review We can rent it back after purchase
Buy back option estate agents are bad Can't offer this service Trust Quick Sales Review You can buy the house back
Flexible terms estate agents are bad Fixed contracts Trust Quick Sales Review Flexible contracts
Repossession help estate agents are bad They do not get involved Trust Quick Sales Review We can speak to your lender
Professional & friendly estate agents are bad Questionable Trust Quick Sales Review Of course!


We have clients that need to sell their property for various different reasons, every situation is unique. The most common are below:

Need A Quick Property Sale

"I need to sell my house quickly."

Struggling to sell a property in a depressed market or with little advertising is tough.
Find out how we can help you sell your property quickly...


"My house is going to be repossessed."

If you in arrears with your mortgage, you could be about to be repossessed. The bailiffs and debt collectors will cause even more stress and money.
Find out how we can help you through a repossession...

Financial Difficulties

"I need some cash for my house fast."

Your accumulating debt and fighting off the bailiffs. You need some money fast.
Find out how we can help you get cash for your property quickly...

Divorce Or Separation

"I need to sell my home because I'm getting divorced."

Separating is stressful enough without having the worry of selling your home.
Find out how we can help you sell your home whilst divorcing...

Relocating Or Moving Abroad

"I'm moving away and need to sell my house."

Organising a big move is time consuming and stressful.
Find out how we can help you sell your home if your moving abroad...


A long drawn out house sale after a death or bereavement may be very stressful.
Find out how we can help you sell a property quickly after a bereavement...

Chain Breaking

"I've been gazumped!"

Have you been gazumped or are you waiting in a chain.
Find out how we can help you break the chain...


"I need to sell my buy to let."

Many property investors have come to us for a quick sale, especially in these economic times.
Find out how we can help you sell your buy to let...

Health Problems

"I'm ill and need to sell my home."

Poor health or illness can mean your circumstances suddenly change.
Find out how we can help you sell your house if your ill...

Sell And Rent Back

"I want to sell my home but carry on living there."

You may not want to move, but just need cash to settle the mortgage. We can buy your house and rent it back to you.
Find out how we can help you sell and then rent your home...

These are just a few of the issues which you may be facing, but there are many more reasons you might want to sell your home quickly. Contact us on the form at the top of this page and we will see if we can help you.

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